Event Schedule

IMG_0114_19SATURDAY – June 25

  • Beer and food available at 11 and all day
  • Horseshoe Tournament at Noon
  • 1 – 5 Jerry Voelker Polka Band
  • 2 PMKids Fishing Tournament, 10 and under welcome – All participants receive free fishing pole and a hot dog
  • Let’s get kids fishing this year! Entry fee: $5.00

    1. All kids 10 and under are encouraged to participate.
    2. Kids are allowed to fish in designated areas only
    3. When kids catch a fish they will receive a raffle ticket and at the end of the tournament a winner will be drawn
    4. All kids will receive all equipment required to participate and will be allowed to keep their fishing pole and receive a free hotdog when completed.
    5. HAVE FUN !!!!!!
  • Due to unforseen circumstanced, we will not have Mass on SAturday evening
  • Venetian Night – Boat Parade at dusk

SUNDAY – June 26

  • Food and Beverages under the tent – Booyah while it lasts
  • 11 am Parade along County CC just north of the Little Brown Jug to WavePointe -Three marching bands – Pulaski High School (preformed in Tournament of Roses Parade and Rose Bowl), Southern Door High School, Green Bay West High – Prizes for best float and best ATV and golf cart.  Line up on Circle Ridge just north of Little Brown Jug.
  • 1 – 4pm – Zoomie and the Dynamics will perform under the tent.
  • 2 pm – CARDBOARD BOAT RACES – Entry fee – $10 per boat – 100% payout
          JUNE 26   1:00 pm  Wavepointe MarinaChallenge: Design and Build a corrugated cardboard boat capable of racing a preset course…RULES:

    1. Boats will only be propelled by oars, canoe or kayak paddles or by hand.
    2. The entire boat must be made entirely of cardboard. Only corrugated cardboard may be used It may be of any thickness but cannot be bonded to any other material such as vinyl. Non corrugated material may NOT be used, especially the kind of resin or wax-type coating found in packing cases.
    3. No wood, metal, styrofoam, rubber inflatable devices or other materials which aid in buoyancy are prohibited.
    4. No ballast are allowed, such as sandbags or similar items.
    5. Hulls may be painted with any “one part” paint for decoration only. NO epoxy glues, fiberglass resins, flex seal, or “ multi-part “ varnishes or paints may be used. Hulls may not be wrapped in plastic, duct tape, or anything else. DUCT TAPE MUST BE WITHIN 18” of any seam.
    6. The boats passenger area must not be enclosed above occupants shoulders so as not restrict escape.
    7. During competition crew must be IN the boat – not towing it, holding it in between their legs, swimming, or allowing their life preserver as floatation of vessel.
    8. Boats will be inspected before competition
    9. Every crew member will be required to sign a “ hold harmless “ liability release before the race.
    10. Every crew member will be required to wear a life jacket, no boat will be allowed to start unless all persons on board are wearing a PFD and shoes. ( no flip-flops ) participants must provide their own PFD’s paddles and shoes. Crew costumes are encouraged!
    11. Boat design is left to the builders. Be creative, a race car, pirate ship, flying saucer, dragon, let your imagination take over.
    12. NO PETS.
    13. Each race will be timed. If your boat lasts all the way around the course then the best time wins…
    14. HAVE FUN !!!!!!!!!

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